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General RULES

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General RULES Empty General RULES

Post  Yukie Tsubasa on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:35 am

These rules must be followed in order for you to remain on the forum.


1. Let's keep everything PG-13. If an inappropriate scene comes up, you will be banned.
We could have youngin's on here, and we don't want them to see posts full of sex and other naughty things. If that starts to happen in your thread, either skip over it, or take it somewhere else, because we're not interested in reading it!

3. Minimum profanity, please.
This should be fairly simple. Try not to go on a cursing rant, spewing profanity everywhere. Sure, a curse word now and then is alright, but are five curse words in one post really necessary? I don't think so. Once again, we may have young people here, so really, try to keep the cursing down a bit, in character, and out.

4. In order to have permission to RP, you MUST fill out a character form
You can find that here

5. Spam will not be tolerated.
Spammers will be banned for a week. If they continue to spam, they will be banned for a month, then forever. So don't spam.

6. If you fail to come on for a month, you will be deactivated.
I understand that things happen, and you get busy, but it's really not that hard to post at least once every month. Really.

7. Respect your fellow RPers
Do it.


8. If playing a canon character, stay true to the character.
Yeah, this is a big one. When you are playing as a canon, act like the character. Seriously. I don't want someone who's playing, say, Britney Spears, going around being nice and giving away all her things to the poor. (Seriously! Would Spears do that?)

9. If making an original, make the character have a way to relate to the story line and setting.
This should be obvious. Don't join a Soul Eater roleplay and have your character have no relation to Soul Eater at all. That's just stupid.

10. Be as realistic as you can
Another obvious one. No characters in Ouran HSHC roleplays with laser eye vision or something of the sort. This rule also applies to canon characters and fighting. Be as realistic with canon characters as possible. And with fighting, try to make that realistic too.

11. Absolutely NO god-moding or power-playing.
This means that you cannot make your character dodge all attacks in a fight, and yet have all of their attacks hit. And don't control other people's characters in your posts. A little bit of assuming is okay, but no controlling other's characters.

12. 300 word post minimum.
I cannot stress this rule enough. Three hundred words really isn't that much if you set your mind to it. Use your imagination! We don't want someone posting five paragraphs, and then have someone else reply with barely four sentences. That's just unfair. We'll allow a few short posts every now-and-then, but don't make a habit of it.


- If you want a private topic just between you and a friend(s), just put a p; after the name of your thread, and then their name. (It would look like this: p; FRIEND'S NAME )

- If your roleplay thread is going to be mature, please put an M or Mature after the thread's name. Please! This way, our younger members can avoid looking at something they'd rather not.

Made by me Smile

General RULES Yukie
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