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New Chatroom! (I did it!)

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New Chatroom! (I did it!) Empty New Chatroom! (I did it!)

Post  clicks on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:02 am

Oh yeah, I did it.

I made a chatroom. (And mind you, it took alot of work!)

EDIT 2: The link now leads directly to the chatroom, which is embedded in the webpage.

Anywho, the link is right here!
Just click on the picture, and it will take you to the chatroom[size]

[size=18]MAKE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PAGE. (Which are also below)

"When you click on this link, please type in a 'Nickname', which can either be your username from the forum or something else. Please do not use anything inappropriate as this will result in (permanent) banning from the chatbox.
After you type in your nickname, press 'Connect'. When you're there, type in the box ' /join #surrealparadise ' (remove the quotation marks). This will bring you to the site chatroom.

EDIT: The link to the chatroom is now in the menu beneath the main forum picture. (up at the top there, you see it? right below usergroups and profile.)

NOTE: If you are having any trouble with the chatbox, please notify me in either response to this thread or in a private message.

New Chatroom! (I did it!) Takeshiotohiro3

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