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Niae Torilq

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Niae Torilq Empty Niae Torilq

Post  praeterProditio on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:59 pm

Name: Niae Torilq

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Personality: Niae is a quiet, smart, interesting girl who tends to make people trust her immediately. At only sixteen, she has enlisted herself into the army and intends to be the memorable one in her enormous family. She works at a bookstore near her apartment, paying her rent on time as usual. She's a bit anti-social and grows quiet around new people, but usually comes off as adorable and sweet. Her hobbies are reading, writing and reading poetry, and drawing.

Appearance: Niae's a bit short for her age, but her hips and bust make up for it. She has pure silver hair and eyes, always carrying around her sterling silver cross.

Biography: Only a few people know a whole lot about Niae, mainly because she prefers to keep things about herself hidden away as she prefers not to complain or explain about her background. Though, her biography is this: at age five, she was raising herself and avoiding her brother's constant punches and insults. By the time she was thirteen she had rented the apartment she now resides in. Always holding herself high, she is convinced she has an easy life,

Important Details: Niae is a lesbian, but for some reason prefers girls older and less mature than her. She is also skilled in self defense, but is a pacifist and prefers not to use her skills.

Note: (My avatar/profile picture is Niae~)

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