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**Where -WE- stand now, Where is the -HOPE-**

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**Where -WE- stand now, Where is the -HOPE-** Empty **Where -WE- stand now, Where is the -HOPE-**

Post  Yukie Tsubasa on Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:39 am

IT's 2025, and there's a war raging on. A new continent has been miraculously formed as pieces of Africa and America bulked from their main lands and forged in the center of the ocean. That island is a safe point. It is called Managrieve.

People young and old are being drawn into the war, and we are about to hear their stories.

In this roleplay, we will be hearing two different pieces of the story-- Those in the war, and those outside of it. You will learn their struggles, and how the war effects them.

If you're interested in this plot line, then I'd enjoy it if you would reply with a character. The preferred character skeleton would be the outline below.

Appearance (Pic or description, or even both):
Bio (You may tell only a bit, or you may tell the entire thing. Just, please no "You'll find out in the story" kind of deals):
Important details:

Thanks ~


Made by me Smile

**Where -WE- stand now, Where is the -HOPE-** Yukie
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