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The Seireitei

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The Seireitei  Empty The Seireitei

Post  Katsu Hisato on Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:11 am

Welcome to the Seireitei (Court of Pure Souls), the circular Shiro (Japanese castle) located in the ceter of the Soul Society. The Seireitei offers an interesting array of places to 'visit,' such as the Shinō Academy. The Shinō Academy is where Soul Reapers are trained to be squad members of the Gotei 13 (Thirteen court guard squads.) There are also the Squad Barracks of all 13 court guard squads, and if you're a privileged individual you may be able to visit one of the Clan's manors. The Seireitei also boasts a variety of stores like Gin Tonbo, the popular shinigami eyeware store. There are also the Shinigami Kenkō Rando, a spa, and the Ashita Tora Yakkyoku which is a pharmacy.

I've yet to create any characters for this roleplay; however, I plan on doing so soon. Surprised
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