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Kazuki Neyro

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Kazuki Neyro Empty Kazuki Neyro

Post  Kazuki Neyro on Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:02 am

Name: Kazuki Neyro

Age: 1658 (About 16 in appearance)

Gender: Male

Profession: Shinigami (Bleach)

Appearance: Kazuki has long, black hair that reaches down into his face and then swerves to the side, with small spikes at the end of most of the strands of his hair. He wears the typical Shinigami Kimono, but his sleeves are ripped off halfway up his arm. He has a single earring, and has a golden ring on his right index finger. With striking green eyes and a scar across his lips, he gives the appearance of one who doesn't entirely enjoy being annoyed.

Personality: Kazuki is known for his rough and gruff personality, usually acting quite cold to those around him. However, despite this false front, he actually cares deeply about the safety about his comrades, and when one of them is in danger, he doesn't hesitate to step up to the plate and defend him or her. Besides these few instances though, he is almost never friendly to others.

Human Years - Kazuki lived an almost uneventful life, born to a wealthy family in Japan's upper class. He went to an expensive boarding school, but truly made no friends at all. it was around his thirteenth birthday, three days before Christmas, that things turned downhill. He was taken out to the theatre to see a show with his parents, and as they arrived, Kazuki split apart from his parents to get to the theatre doors faster, and as he moved out of the sight of his parents in the crowd leading into the theatre, he was yanked out of the crowd into an alley and then killed, to send a message to his parents. At that point, his life as a Human was over. However, his life as a Shinigami would begin sooner than for most in his death.

Years Before Shinigami Academy - After arriving in Rukongai, the Hokutan District, Kazuki wandered for awhile, not sure where to go and wondering why no one around him ate anything. He himself was starving, and had no way of feeding himself. He could find no one to take him in as a new family, and so he ended up sleeping in the alleyways and getting into trouble. After the first ten years of his life in the Hokutan District, Kazuki stumbled upon Captain Kuchiki and Rukia outside the walls of their estate. He followed them, until they led him to the gates of Seireitei, the deepest into the Soul Society he had ever been. As the gate closed behind the two Shinigami, Kazuki had the greatest urge he had ever had to go in after them.

He searched for another Shinigami for a long while, and finally found one on the return trip to Seireitei on his sixty-seventh year in Rukongai. He followed the the Soul Reaper, and as soon as he had the chance, he approached the man and asked to go into Seireitei with him. The man almost walked away, but something in Kazuki's eyes caused him to stop and actually see if the boy was Shinigami material. After Kazuki passed all of the Soul Reaper's, he realized that he'd made a good judgement call in testing the boy. He returned to Seireitei with Kazuki and then, Kazuki enrolled in the Shinigami Academy.

Days in the Academy - Kazuki stood separate from the other students during the duration of his days in the Academy, not making any friends once again. During this time, he developed his gruff false personality, and began to forcibly push himself away from those around him, instead of it just happening naturally. He was better with his Zanbakuto than he was with his Kido, but he was proficient in both. He quickly began to pass up his fellow students, and stood out as best of his class. He stayed on the Academy for the next five-hundred years, and finally, at five-hundred and sixty seven years in the Soul Society, he graduated and joined the Fifth Division, one of the three divisions with an empty Captain's Seat.

Fifth Divison and Onwards - At this point, Kazuki had a sort of reputation; he could be a bit rude sometimes, but at the same he could easily be trusted to complete a mission no matter the cost at his own sake. Although he wasn't nearly as powerful as those with Ranks on the squad, he did soon begin to hear whispers coming from his Zanpakuto, and then, when he was training, those whispers turned into calls for attention, and he found himself in his Inner World in an instant, with his Zanpakuto's true form before him. When this occurred, he had almost been in Soul Society for one-thousand and one-hundred years. His Zanpakuto and he began to meet and battle in Kazuki's Inner World every day, and for Kazuki, his Zanpakuto's name was almost within reach. Then, finally, after another one-hundred and fifty years of training, he learned his Zanpakuto's name.

No one but Kazuki knows his Zanpakuto's name, as he always makes sure to whisper when he calls out its name. He only uses his Zanpakuto's true form when he is battling it in his Inner World or when he is battling an enemy of Seireitei. Because of this, almost no one besides an enemy has seen his Zanbakuto's true form. From this point onwards, he simply did what was demanded of him, obeying all of his Captain's orders to the letter and completing every mission with minimum issues, though of course, he has made some mistakes along the way. It has stayed like this until his current age, 1658 years.


Zanpakuto Name: Burakku Shūshuku (Black Constrictor)
Call Phrase: Suffocate, Burakku Shūshuku! (Suffocate, Black Constrictor!


Name: Ketsugō No Te (Hand of Binding)
Range: Medium to Long Range
Description: When this technique is used, the Zanpakuto becomes black and elastic, and extends to ensnare the enemy in a binding that continually constricts them, literally choking the life out of the target. This happens at an incredibly fast rate, and usually, this is the only technique Kazuki uses with his Zanpakuto.

Name: Kurai Hōyō (Darkened Embrace)
Range: Short, Medium, and Long Range
Description: When used, the blade of the sword turns into a black cloud in the shape of a hand, and is actually made of thousands upon thousands of pieces of the blade. When it wraps around the foe, it digs every single one of the blades into the enemy's skin, essentially killing him immediately, but this attack is also slow, and easy for those with high speeds to dodge.

Zanpakuto's Appearance:

Blade Form: In this form, the blade is a dark-silvery color, and has rough, jagged teeth-like marks along the part of the blade that inflicts damage upon the enemy.

Inner World Form: This form wears a cloak, but occasionally lets out a hiss to hint at its true appearance.
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