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**I Run, And Run a -*THOUSAND*- miles**

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**I Run, And Run a -*THOUSAND*- miles** Empty **I Run, And Run a -*THOUSAND*- miles**

Post  Yukie Tsubasa on Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:07 am

Takashi and Hunny realize they've only got one year until they leave. Tamaki then decides to bring in apprentices for each host. Haruhi, though she is no longer in the club, searches for a heir, only to find out that her rag-tag, tomboy cousin is moving into the city. With a little persuasion, she even makes it into Ouran Academy.

Also, there are a number of freshman who have joined Nekozawa's "cult" , and there are two peppy, slightly obnoxious siblings fighting for the position of assistant club managers--one male, one female.


Fill out the following for your character skeleton--

Appearance: (Picture or description--I'm fine with either)
Mentour: (This should be filled with a host members name, or the name of another character)
Bio:(Doesn't have to be a life story. Just a little briefing, if you don't mind.)
Important Information: (Anything you've left out that we need to know?)

I will be keeping a separate thread which states the current characters, and their holders. Please look into it. And, also, know, if you can no longer hold up a role for any reason, it's fine. We'll find another to fill the slot. I do hope this RP will spread out a bit. Please, let your friends know~ ^-^

Arigato, yujins~


Made by me Smile

**I Run, And Run a -*THOUSAND*- miles** Yukie
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